Sam & Jim In Hell - reading of a new play by Jeanne Beckwith at LNT

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Jeanne Beckwith's work-in-progress: Sam & Jim in Hell

an online reading
Wed Mar 17 7pm Eastern.

Playwright Jeanne Beckwith is back with Lost Nation Theater!

We just presented a live-stream from the stage of a  "reboot" of Jeanne's "Love Letters Made Easy" - and now we share with you the beginning of the play development process with a reading of her newest play!

The idea for Sam & Jim in Hell came as Jeanne walked along the banks of the River Liffey in Dublin about a year and a half ago.
Jeanne saw the Samuel Beckett Bridge, and wondered what Beckett might think about a bridge named in his honor.
She thought about how Beckett  - and his compatriot James Joyce -  had both become Irish Icons in spite of their feeling estranged from the Ireland of their time.
And then she thought, "That must be hell for them!"

At that moment, she started writing the play in her head.

Fast forward, to Jeanne, trapped inside during the pandemic, immersing herself in biographies about Beckett & Joyce and re-reading all their works.

The play is about language, about genius, about memory, about broken relationships.
Oh hell, it's about life!

And what better time to read it for you then 7pm on St Patrick's Day - Wed March 17!

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Production Team

Directed by Kim Allen Bent


The Cast:
(in order of appearance)

Colleen (Keeper of the Gate): Margo Whitcomb

Sam (Samuel Beckett): Ethan T. Bowen

Jim (James Joyce):  Scott "Renzo" Renzoni

Suzanne Déchevaux-Dumesnil (Beckett's Wife): Abby Paige

Lucia (Joyce's Daughter): Sorsha Anderson

Scoop Info

A post on social media that Jeanne was thinking about writing such a play brought the idea to LNT founder Kim Bent's attention, and he immediately said - If You Write This I Want to See It!

She did. He did. And, if you know anything about Kim Bent, you know that he is an enormous fan of Sam Beckett.
So Lost Nation Theater is delighted to be working with Jeanne and aiding in the process of developing the play by hosting this rehearsed reading - which is free and open to the public!

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