Lost Nation Theater Membership 2022!

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Become a Lost Nation Theater Member
in 2022!


Dream with us - and get great perks for yourself while you support your local award-winning professional theater!


We heard you! Covid uncertainties have made life challenging in so many ways.

You want to support LNT - and get the great perks of Season Tickets - but you are not sure you could absorb the loss caused if shows cancelled in 2022 as happened in 2020. 

We get It! And We've Got The Answer!

Lost Nation Theater Memberships!

Each $100 Membership purchase gets you LNT VIP Treatment and all the perks listed:

1)    20% Discount on a Single Ticket purchase for each show

2)    Guaranteed Reserved Seating

3)    Invitations to Special Members-Only Events at the Theater
Parties, Rehearsals, Meet & Greets, Tours of the Theater

4)    LNT Swag

5)    A Complimentary Beverage at each performance


We Are So Grateful For Your Support!

We hope you'll join LNT as a Member in 2022! They are On-Sale Now!
Support LNT, but only pay for the shows and events you experience.
Membership discount is good for Live-in-Person and Digital viewings.

Any Questions: please email info@lostnationtheater.org

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 david budbill's judevine, 2017, photo courtesy of John Snell Photography

  photo: 80 Days 2017, courtesy John Snell Photography

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