Lost Nation Theater Greetings from LNT Artists

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From Lost Nation Theater's Family to Yours

We send you these greetings in this time when we aren't able to gather in person.

Longtime Company Members and the extended family of Lost Nation Theater - actors, designers, directors, students, technicians, share their thoughts, send words of encouragement, or reflect upon the state of theater! We are very grateful to all and look forward to being able to gather

(For mini performances, check out the blog pages or join LNT's Patreon Page - where you can also see archival copies of past shows; all part of LNT's Virtual "Season at Home" portion of our 2020 Season!)

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The Final Episode of "Mishaps With Maura!" 


A peck of poetry we hope provides peace!


A little April Fools' Humor from the lovely Laura Michele Erle!


Spring is upon us - and founding artistic director Kim Bent shares a favorite quote from Mary Oliver


More from Eric Love - on theater, his history with LNT, and how he's getting through

Eric Love - Full Interview from Lost Nation Theater on Vimeo.


Former youth lab member, apprentice and now professional lighting designer Sam Biondolillo "stopped by" . . .


A message from LNT fans to other fans!


Mishaps with Maura - Episode Two: Encounters with the Audience!
Still more stories from our beloved Maura O'Brien, captured in conversation with artistic director Kim Bent. This time Maura recounts various encounters with the audience!


Abby Paige Says Hello - AND gives us a little "Les Filles Du Quoi?"

This August, (August 20-30 to be exact), Lost Nation Theater was to present beloved colleague Abby Paige in the premiere professional production of her new solo show. We've previously presented Abby's "When We Were French" - and of course you remember her from all three David Budbill's Judevine, plus Tartuffe and most recently Pride & Prejudice. We are determined to bring Abby's show to LNT as soon as possible. Stay Tuned.  And for an in-depth interview with Abby, Kim Bent (LNT founder, and director of Les Filles Du Quoi?) and Charlotte Seelig (Les Filles lighting designer) join LNT's Patreon Page: www.patreon.com/lostnationtheater


The Brilliant Traces Ensemble Says Hello!

This July, Lost Nation Theater in the "before times" (that is, pre-covid 19) would have been presenting Cindy Lou Johnson's quirky play on the frontier of love, "Brilliant Traces". 

Since we couldn't do the show, we've done the next best thing, gotten the actors, director and production designer together to talk about the show, Vermont, and why they were excited to work on the piece. Join director (and LNT Founding Artistic Director) Kim Allen Bent, designer Ellen E Jones, and actors Nick Wheeler and Courtney Wood. (And a few glimpses of producing artistic director Kathleen Keenan.) (You may note Nick refers to Courtney as "the other hand" and the play as a "two-hander". "Two-Hander" is an industry term for a show with only two actors.) For the full interview/conversation, and a cold reading of a short excerpt from the play, join Lost Nation Theater's patreon page - https://patreon.com/lostnationtheater


Maura O'Brien - with Kim Bent - in an excerpt from our new series (on Patreon) "Mishaps with Maura"
This snippet covers the first time Maura & LNT Artistic Directors Bent & Keenan interacted! Our first full episode, now on Patreon includes this story and 3 others!


Eric Love reminisces all things IRMA VEP (to see Irma: join LNT's Patreon Page. FIND OUT MORE HERE)


Zooming in from Cleveland, OH it's Tim Tavcar:


Director Margo Whitcomb shares her thoughts about The Revolutionists, Theater, and Theatre Now:

Actor Mary McNulty Says Hello:


Actor Katie Schultz Says Hi and offers a little tune

A Message from Christopher Scheer (and friend)


The beautiful Taryn Noelle - accompanied by Dave Rowell - sends a musical hello

Founding Artistic Director Kim Bent wishes the Bard a Happy Birthday, and gives you a little tour of the waiting theater space


 Abby Paige Says Hello and Offers Some Judevine


RENZO (Scott Renzoni - a member of LNT since 2004) kicks things off:

For more readings from David Budbill's Judevine, click here
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