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“Thank You for making this available!!!” - Sue Zeller

Become a patron on our new Patreon page and get access to shows from our archive and other exclusive content.

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After carefully weighing hard facts, best guesses, and expert advice, our Board has made the excruciating decision to postpone the opening of LNT’s season until October. Unfortunately, this means losing almost our entire season, but we believe it is the only choice to make to keep our community safe.

LNT has launched a Patreon page -  especially with our season ticket holders in mind – so we can bring the theater to you!
We’re calling it our “Stay at Home” Season portion of LNT’s 2020 season. This way we bring you exclusive content and you get to see great theater from LNT from the comfort of your home.

We've been blessed to get permission from a plethora of writers - such as Katherine Paterson, The estate of David Budbill, Jeanne Beckwith, and Kim Bent along with some of our very favorite talent to share archive recordings of some of our best productions from the past - like Judevine, Lyddie, Stone, of course our fall foliage Shakespeare's, and Janis Stevens in Kate:An Unexamined Life (Katharine Hepburn) to name a few.

Plus we're creating special content like "Mishaps with Maura" (the wonderful & hilarious Maura O'Brien share some wild theatrical adventures), and “behind the scenes” specials with designers, directors and actors.

Every month is at 1-2 full shows, plus bonus content.

Sign up here: https://www.patreon.com/lostnationtheater

Patreon was the most secure way we could share our archival shows with you. That security is necessary to get the permissions we need to make this possible.

For our 2020 Donors, Gift Certificate-Buyers and Season Ticket Holders, for just $2 (per month), - the same as buying a coffee or cookie at the concessions stand at the theater ­– you gain access to our Stay at Home virtual season.
Then, when we can gather at the theater again, you'll get complimentary coffee/cookie at remaining performances.

Other "Tier Levels" are available too for those who haven't yet contributed, but who would like to support LNT in this way.
For less than the price of a single "preview night" ticket - you can get a month's worth of entertainment and help ensure LNT continues.

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