Going Up the Country - staged reading of new play with music

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Staged Reading:
"Going Up the Country"
a new play with music
by Eric Peterson & John Foley


We are so sorry, but due to circumstances beyond our control, the staged reading has been cancelled.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are all disappointed

(anyone who purchased tickets to in person or digital experience will be refunded.)

Music performed by composer John Foley & the Cast.

Inspired by Yvonne Daley's book by the same name, the play explores How the Counterculture Changed Vermont and Offers Hope for America.

Join playwright Eric Peterson (former artistic director of Oldcastle Theatre), John (Pump Boys & Dinettes) Foley, LNT Founding Artistic Director Kim Allen Bent, and our cast of actor-singer-musicians as they bring to life the possibilities of this new play.

Going Up the Country begins when the Hippies, Dreamers, Freaks, and Radicals Moved to Vermont.
From the inventors of the Jogbra to Ben & Jerry's to Bernie, you may be surprised who's hunkered down in our Vermont Hills.

And who can resist the music of John Foley?!? 
(LNT produced his musical, Pump Boys & Dinettes back in 2004, with Ann Harvey and George Woodard)

In Person! Live-Streamed! And On Demand!

Saturday, April 9  -  2pm This reading has been cancelled, we are sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment.


Production Team

LNT Founding Artistic Director Kim Allen Bent leads a cast including Sorsha Anderson, Ann Harvey, Robert Nuner, and David Ruffin.


The work has seen many changes from its first draft - and this staged reading will be the result of a week of intense workshopping with the playwrights, director and actor-musicians!

Who knows - maybe there will be a new scene or a new song added during the week, that wasn't in the play at the start of the week!

Scoop Info

You may have seen all these actor-singer-musicians on the Lost Nation Theater stage before.
Some - like Ann Harvey -  have been with us since 1991 (and nearly all our Shakespeares)! David Ruffin joined us for the first time back in November 2021, for All Together Now
Bob Nuner started with us in 2004 - And Sorsha Anderson in 2020!

We are so grateful to them for joining us once again as Lost Nation Theater works with Eric & John continue the process of turning this idea into a staged reality.

The staged reading will be followed by a discussion and an opportunity to share comments with the playwright, composer, director and actor-singers.


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We will also be recording this event and sharing it on LNT's Patreon Page


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