Both Eyes Open: The Annie Oakley Story

Show Overview

Maura O'Brien brings to life the legendary Annie Oakley in a new play, written especially for her by Jeanne Beckwith.

In this entertaining solo show, playwright Beckwith cracks open the legend to reveal the real lady and her fascinating life.

Full of humor, heart-break, sharp wits, and white-knuckled determination, Oakley sets the record straight.
Defying death at least three times,  this Little Sure Shot's determination saw her through from the poor farm to dining with Queens and Kings and blazing her own path all the while. And she always shot with both eyes open.

LNT previously mounted the premier of Beckwith's Love Letters Made Easy.

Maura O'Brien's previous work with Lost Nation Theater includes Becoming Dr Ruth, Lost in Yonkers, Vagina Monologues and many more.

Both Eyes Open plays 7:30pm Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat; and 2pm Sun September 8–18, 2022

Scoop Info

Lost Nation Theater has spent the pandemic helping to develop new work.

One piece we commissioned is this new play for LNT fav Maura O'Brien.
After several meetings to discuss ideas for a new play, we set our sights on Annie - an outspoken, ridiculously talented, before her time woman, who found success on the 'stage' and who, despite her fame, most people don't really know about.

She is the epitome of surviving and thriving and her story is fascinating.
We're confident you will agree!