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Dr Ruth in Words & Pictures

September 12, 2018

Audiences and Critics Alike are Loving Maura O'Brien as Dr Ruth


At Each and Every performance of Becoming Dr Ruth, Maura O'Brien (and the team) has enjoyed a prolonged standing ovation.

Enjoy hearing what folks are saying about, and seeing Lost Nation Theater's "Becoming Dr Ruth" in photos courtesy of Robert Eddy, First Light Studios


Robert Eddy captures Maura O'Brien as Dr Ruth - full set photo

“This performance is absolutely a “Must-See”.
The set is amazing, the play totally captivating and Maura O’Brien’s performance flawless. Having lived near NYC for 36 years I attended countless plays on Broadway and must say this ranks in the top 5. Absolutely world class.  We in Montpelier are truly privileged to have Lost Nation Theater in our city. You must see this performance playing through the 16th”
- Noah Sexton (posted on Front Porch Forum)


Dr Ruth (Maura O'Brien) swoons remembering her first crush. Photo courtesy of Robert Eddy

“If you want to see great theatre, incredible acting, and hear a story more incredible than you ever imagined... go see "Becoming Dr. Ruth" at Lost Nation Theatre in Montpelier. Maura O'Brien ROCKS this performance!! "
- Laura Lee Dukeshire (Facebook)


"We saw it on Sunday and Maura was magnificent! Excellent play all the way around!"  - Kathy Callaghan (Facebook)


"Do yourself a favor, and don't miss it."  - Dan Jones (Facebook)


Maura O'Brien holds a music box to her chest remembering a childhood lullabye. photo courtesy of Robert Eddy

“Lost Nation Theater has created a particularly fine production of Mark St. Germain’s one-woman comedy-drama about America’s diminutive sex expert.”

“St. Germain’s pithy and most entertaining play opens with Dr. Ruth’s New York apartment. She is packing to move out after living there for 36 years with her third husband Fred, who had recently died. Between wrapping items and answering phone calls from family and movers, Dr. Ruth invites the audience in while she shares thoughts and anecdotes, through which we learn her incredible but true story.
And Dr. Ruth is fun.”

“O’Brien, a veteran of Lost Nation as well as Boston and New York theater, soon drew the audience into the world of Dr. Ruth. With seemingly authentic accent and hand gesturing, she conveyed a naturalness and intimacy that made the storytelling personal. It was easy to feel part of the dramatic life, sometimes tragic, sometimes funny, of Dr. Ruth.

– Jim Lowe Times Argus


“Actor Maura O’Brien was a delight. Her sharp, friendly demeanor, mental & physical stamina and echoes of Dr Ruth’s sweet cackle carried us along throughout the 90 minutes. It’s a great show for everyone!”
- Sheryl Rapee-Adams, (Front Porch Forum)

"The one-person play gets to you during the performance, and after, as you absorb the story of a survivor of the holocaust, who made her mark in Isreal, France and the United States, and become justifiably the darling of the national media. Highly recommend -- on par with the Lost Nation's best productions."
- Peter Rousmanie (Front Porch Forum)


"A review of Becoming Doctor Ruth must first begin with just who in the world Dr. Ruth actually is, as a straw poll of folks under the age of 40 showed a general lack of awareness about her and her contribution to American society.

Whenever I think of Dr. Ruth, my mind goes back to high school. Whenever I heard that she would be appearing on David Letterman or Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, I'd make it a point to stay up and listen, because she was addressing a subject in which I had a great deal of interest at the time. Sex.  As she was only 4'7" tall, and in her forties, she was not the object of my attention, but her matter-of-fact responses to questions about sex and sexuality introduced me to a world I yearned to join. At one point, her radio show was the most popular call-in show in America.

But there's much more to her story, and it is lovingly shared on stage at the Lost Nation Theater in Montpelier."
- Charlie McMeekin, The Herald