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Here's What Folks Are Saying About LNT's Judevine

April 27, 2017

Wanna Know What Folks Are Saying About Lost Nation Theaters 2017 Judevine?
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These statements are culled from posts our first  week audience members posted on Front Porch Forum, Facebook and other social media, along with brief summations of what the critics are saying.

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All photos on this page are courtesy of John Snell Photographer 

"Vermonters, I can't urge you enough to go see Judevine at the Lost Nation Theater. It's not only a play by one of Vermont's great poets, David Budbill, but it is searing, funny, and amazingly artistic. The actors are unforgettable -- including a half-mad, garrulous Quebecer, a human truck and human motorcycles! -- and the direction perfect. You will really be missing out on something special if you don't see this." - Bronwyn Fryer


Essential Theater - Lost Nation Theater is presenting "Judevine" on several dates/times through May 7th. A critical social perspective--and an uplifting poetic one--on life in the Northeast Kingdom from the pen of David Budbill, Vermont's recently deceased master poet. A bit raucous, a bit baudy,  but totally enlightening. It's hard to imagine anyone walking away unchanged after witnessing this remarkable theater experience. - Chris Lovell


Arnie (Bob Nuner) close up“Judevine, David Budbill’s tale of an imaginary town in the Northeast Kingdom, is the stuff Vermont legend – and, if there were any doubt, Lost Nation Theater’s production, which opened Friday at City Hall Arts Center, proved just why.
This slice of life in the underside of Vermont was revealed graphically, humorously and poignantly. It was authentic – fun, terrible and beautiful. Amazing was the near seamlessness with which the actors changed characters. All seven actors delivered their multiple characters with sympathy and dimension, drawing the audience irresistibly into their lives. Lost Nation Theater’s “Judevine” was as dramatic as Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom in the 1970s – beautiful, tragic, funny, and deeply touching. In short, it was irresistible. - Jim Lowe, The Times Argus


Judevine (at Lost Nation Theater) is an amazing show. It is beautifully written and staged. The actors are completely convincing as they each bring multiple characters to life. Please see this. - Catherine Murray


 Wonderful show! - Laurel Persico  


Antoin (Ben Ash) tries to offer a little comfort to Tommy (Sean Gregory)

I First read Judevine years ago - was struck by the authenticity of the characters in relation to my VT upbringing & a few years in poverty law. This performance is as jarring as today's headlines. Don't miss it. Budbill still speaks,and Lost Nation should be acclaimed for promoting a great VT voice! - Jack Wesley


Loved it! Thank you for a great performance. - Sharon Daniell


Loved the show! - Gail Mordan Gregory


 News from the family is this may be one of the best pieces of theatre out there! Congratulations my friends, wish I could be there to celebrate! Merde! - Orion Lay-Sleeper


“ F-in’ Wow. Just F-in’ WOW!” - Dan Jones


 Alex Brown, of Seven Days raves “Lost Nation demonstrates ALL its theatrical strengths” in her review of our Judevine