Archives: July 2016

Tomfoolery Testimonial

Jul 23, 2016
Letters to the Editor and more praises from Community Members for LNT's TOMFOOLERY

Taste of Tomfoolery Cabaret at the North Branch Cafe

Jul 12, 2016
On Wed. July 13, cast members of LNT's Tomfoolery will provide a tasty morsel of the show in a half-hour cabaret pairing their own work with Tom Lehrer's like pairing wine with food (which you can do at the cafe!)

Stupendously Positive Review for Tom Lehrer's Tomfoolery in The Times Argus

Jul 10, 2016
Jim Lowe, Arts Editor and Theater Critic for The Times Argus gives a big Thumbs Up to LNT's Tomfoolery - celebrating the genius of satirical songwriter Tom Lehrer

Are the Arts Tilting at Windmills

Jul 09, 2016
Times Argus & Rutland Herald Arts Editor poses the question for Vermonters

Meet the Artists of Tomfoolery

Jul 06, 2016
Find out more about all the folks putting Tom Lehrer's Tomfoolery together